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Great Resource for First Time Implanter

“I had the chance to work with a first time implanter today.  He came in prior to the case and wanted to discuss the procedure in more detail.  I gave him the option of what would be the most beneficial way to address his concerns.  I offered power point slides, demos, and a Med World Live video.  Due to limited time, he asked to verbally walk through the case and do some hands on training with the demos.  All went just fine and off we headed to the Cath lab.  At this point the patient was not completely prepped and the Dr. asked how long are those videos?  I had the procedure video all teed up and ready to go.  He loved it!  We stopped at multiple times to discuss a few options and pitfalls to avoid.  The case went awesome!  This is a great resource to be utilized."

Cardiovascular Sales Representative
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