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Shooting Simulated Procedures

"Our project required shooting simulated procedures in real hospital environments.  To accomplish this, it was important to make best use of the space and personnel available to us, and to be forward-thinking in how the individual shots would be utilized in the finished environment.
During the shoots, the Med World Live team was very helpful in thinking through the setup and shooting of each procedure.  Their flexibility was essential in making sure that we were able to fit our shooting around the busy and changing schedules of the doctors who were assisting us with the demonstrations.  They were able to successfully work with the doctors to understand how the procedures would be performed, and set the shots to best capture the key elements of the procedures.
Our post-production editing also required having expert doctors review the video drafts for content and accuracy of the information presented.  Throughout, the MWL team remained flexible and efficient, taking change requests in stride and turning around revisions quickly.  This allowed us to meet the quality needs of our experts while producing an engaging and visually appealing video.”
 Peter Lynch
Digital Solutions Editor
American Academy of Pediatrics
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